Practical Guidelines


Dear LMT Hiker,

Thank you for choosing the Lebanon Mountain Trail as your trekking expedition for the Fall Trek 2023. 

You can book your trek (and free bus transportation) by clicking on the "Book Now" button on the home screen. Please keep in mind you'll be asked to register an account first.

On weekdays, your reservation should include at least one overnight before the selected hiking day. On weekends, your reservation should include at least two overnights.


Standalone day hikes will not be accepted.

For Non-Lebanese please provide 1) a passport photo and 2) a colored copy of the passport.


Please check below our terms and conditions and some practical information prior to your scheduled trip.



Full payment must be settled within 4 days from your online registration.


Payment Terms: 

Either by cash or money transfer, e.g. Western Union, OMT, Whish in U.S. dollars to any of the below:


  • Sawsan Haddad (LMTA) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
    Office Number: +961 5 955 303/2
    Whatsapp Number: +961 3 767 574
    Email: info@lebanontrail.org


  • Gilbert Moukheiber (33North, member of USEIL).
    Whatsapp Number: +961 3 454 996


  • Christian Akhrass (LMTA)
    Whatsapp Number: +961 3 349 537

Charges to be borne by sender.



  • Booking the full Fall Trek is subject to a 5% discount
  • Members receive a 10% discount
  • Members who book the full Fall Trek receive a 15% discount 

Anyone benefiting from the Solidarity Tourism Rate does not benefit from the above discounts.


If you're a member, please inform us so we provide you with a promo code. 


Cancellation and Reimbursement: 

  • Cancellation 20 days before the date of departure is subject to 25% charges
  • Cancellation within 20 days and before 7 days of the departure date is subject to 50% charges
  • NO REFUND for any cancellation within 7 days before the date of departure
  • NO REFUND for any cancellation or incompletion during the trek
  • NO POSSIBILITY of exchanging seats
  • For reimbursement and or cancellation, please contact the reservation officer on +(961) 3 912205



1. LMTA office in Baabda merging at accommodation, on:

Friday, October 6
Friday, October 13
Friday, October 20
Friday, October 27
Friday, November 3


2. LMT section (after the end of the hike) to LMTA office in Baabda on:

Sunday, October 8
Sunday, October 15
Sunday, October 22
Sunday, October 29
Sunday, November 5


Please note that buses might be full during the week-ends. It is important to make sure you book the free bus transportation online when you book your trek.

A secure car parking is available facing the LMTA office in Baabda. You can also ask to be picked up on the way, depending on your location. 

Hiker will be responsible for his/ her own transportation on other days.



  • During the Fall Trek, and depending on the location and the availability, accommodation is offered in guesthouses, hostels, small hotels and monasteries.
  • Shared accommodation is part of the LMT experience. How many people you’ll be sharing with depends on the region and type of accommodation, but twin or multi-share (up to 4 in one room) same-gender sharing is the norm. 
  • We will pair you with another traveller of the same gender with whom you'll share a twin room. However, you can choose having a single room for some nights to be checked with the tour leader on the spot with a supplement to be paid depending on the availability. For those who enjoy sleeping under the stars the option is also available in some locations.
  • In all accommodations, there are 2 kinds of sleeping: on beds and on mattresses on the floor, (sometimes on sofas). They are all equipped with sheets and covers.
  • Most of the lodging facilities offer shared bathrooms.
  • Hikers may also be divided into groups to be accommodated in 2 or 3 different lodging facilities in one location/ village, depending on accommodation space and vacancy.
  • Dinner and breakfast will be served at the guesthouse or at a nearby restaurant. Lunchboxes will also be available each morning before the hike.
  • Please inform the LMTA team upon booking (and later the team leader) if you are vegetarian, or have allergies to specific foods, and or for any other suggestion or request.

The LMTA Fall Trek team and the local host will be attentive to your comfort and will ensure to offer you the best delicious meals!



  • ONE backpack (for the hike) and ONE personal bag (for the extra clothes and personal stuff) are enough. There won’t be enough space in the bus for big luggage. Remember, the bus will be full on weekends!
  • During the hikes, your extra bag will be transported by the bus or by the local villager’s transportation to the next host destination. You will only need to carry your personal backpack during the day. 



The most important equipment you should have for one or several hiking days are: 

- Water flask (min. 1.5 Ltr.)

- Lunch box

- Hat 

- Good hiking shoes and extra socks (new hiking shoes should be used several times before the event) 

- Wind/ Rain Jacket – (It may rain)

- Trash bag 

- Insect repellant 

- Sunglasses 

- Sunscreen 

- First aid kit 

- Walking poles 

- Head light 



The hike is a group experience and the speed might differ from one hiker to another. Participants should respect and follow the pace set by the leader.



The LMTA adopts a “Zero Waste” policy! 

Our aim is to reduce non-organic waste generated during our month-long hike. Any unavoidable leftover plastic, glass, and aluminum will be collected on a daily basis for recycling. 

We therefore encourage you to say:

No to plastic bags for the daily lunch. Please bring your own reusable lunch boxes or buy one from the LMTA office (i.e. Tupperware).

No to individual plastic water bottles. Please bring your own reusable water bottle or water bag or buy one from the LMTA office.


Kindly note that:

  • We advise you to bring 2 or 3 different sizes properly lockable re-usable lunch boxes which fit into your hiking backpack & your appetite! Depending on each guesthouse, lunch will typically consist in bread, labneh, cheese, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, vegetables, fruits, jam/honey and occasionally leftover delicious cooked food from dinner the night before.
  • Make sure you size your water bottles based on your water needs and preferences, potentially carrying 2 refillable ones with you.

Some re-usable lunch boxes and re-usable water bottles/camels will also be available at the LMTA office.

We count on you to pack consciously in order to reduce unnecessary non-organic waste!



For any additional information and assistance:

Call the LMTA office on +961 5 955302 or by Whatsapp on +961 3 767 574 midweek between 8 a.m and 4 p.m. or email us on info@lebanontrail.org

Our offices are closed Saturdays and Sundays