How hard is hiking the LMT?

The Lebanon Mountain Trail is not always an easy trail. Some sections are easier than others, but if you are hiking the entire trail, you will experience both the easier, and the more difficult parts. Ascent / descent per day can be considerable, and the type of terrain which is most often old shepherds’ routes can be challenging.

How many hours of hike per day? What if we cannot do it all?

That depends on the section, the shortest section is 9km long, and the longest around 25 km. Shortest time would be around 4 hours and the longest 7 to 8 hours, with breaks.

Who guides the hike? Are they certified?

The LMTA Spring Hikes 2024 will be jointly operated with Lebanese Adventure.

Christian Akhrass (LMTA) and Robin El Batah (Lebanese Adventure) are experts in the field and longstanding professionals with all the relevant certifications. 

Where do we sleep? What type of accommodation there is?

The LMT hike entails overnights at local guesthouses in each village that the trail crosses. Lodging is comfortable but not luxurious. Local dishes are served for dinner and breakfast, and hikers can pack their lunch from the dinner/breakfast leftovers.

Accommodation is offered in shared rooms with hikers from the same gender (double beds, single beds, bunker beds in few places). Single rooms can be allocated, upon availability, with a supplement. For those who enjoy sleeping under the stars the option is also available in some locations.

How cold/hot it is, how should we dress up?

This varies greatly each year. 2024 is an average year in Lebanon. The weather can get chilly in April and May.

What would I pack for the trip?

✓ Water flask (min. 1-2 ltr.)

✓ Lunch box (i.e. tupperware and the like)

✓ Hat

✓ Good hiking shoes and extra socks (new hiking shoes should be used several times before the expedition)

✓ Wind/ Rain Jacket (it may rain and/or snow in April)

✓ Trash bag

✓ Insect repellant

✓ Sunglasses

✓ Sunscreen

✓ First aid kit

✓ Walking poles

✓ Sleeping bag (optional)

✓ Head light

✓ Gaiters (some sections will be probably covered with snow and mud)

✓ Hand sanitizers, antiseptic wipes, and/or any type of sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol-based


Kindly note that we advise you to bring 2 or 3 different sizes properly lockable re-usable lunch boxes which fit into your hiking backpack & your appetite! Depending on each guesthouse, lunch will typically consist in bread, labneh, cheese, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, vegetables, fruits, jam/honey and occasionally leftover delicious cooked food from dinner the night before.

Make sure you size your water bottles based on your water needs and preferences, potentially carrying 2 refillable ones with you. We count on you to pack consciously in order to reduce unnecessary non-organic waste!

How much of our luggage do we carry on the trip?

As much as you think you might need for the day hike. The rest of the luggage is transported from one guesthouse to the next with the support of tour operators and selected drivers.

Can we buy some things locally?

Of course, and we encourage you to do so. Local artisanal products are available in almost every village. Tour operators can advise and direct you to the best places for shopping local products.

What if we get sick?

Tour operators are equipped with first aid kit and medication. In case of emergencies, they are also connected to the Red Cross, local hospitals and medical centers should the need occur for any such support.

Are we covered by insurance?

All hikers are covered by LMTA insurance during the Spring Hikes on the LMT

How to book?

Kindly click on the "Book Now" button on the home page, create an account and choose the days of choice.

Can I book for some sections only?

You can book even one section only (during weekdays), as long as you sleepover the night before to avoid logistical and timing issues for the rest of the group.

How much does it cost and how do we pay?

110$ for Lebanese
130$ for Non-Lebanese

Full payment must be settled within 4 days from your online registration either by cash or money transfer, e.g. Western Union, OMT, Whish in U.S. dollars to:


Sawsan Haddad (LMTA) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Office Number: +961 5 955 303/2
Whatsapp Number: +961 3 767 574
Email: info@lebanontrail.org


Charges to be borne by sender.

Until when can we reserve?

As long as there are spaces left you can book yours anytime. We encourage early bookings as places will fill up quickly.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • Cancellation 20 days before the date of departure is subject to 25% charges
  • Cancellation within 20 days and before 7 days of the departure date is subject to 50% charges
  • NO REFUND for any cancellation within 7 days before the date of departure
  • NO REFUND for any cancellation or incompletion during the trek
  • For reimbursement and or cancellation, please contact us on +961 3 767 574

Is it safe to be traveling to Lebanon now?

Lebanon is currently in the midst of an unprecedented economic and financial crisis. It is also politically unstable although there is no conflict or significant threat to residents and visitors. There can be security flareups, occasionally violent street protests targeting banks or public institutes. We recommend that anyone traveling to Lebanon refers to their foreign office’s advise on Lebanon.

Spring Hikes 2024 will be hiked on sections that are far from the conflict regions.

Do we get a refund incase of force majeure?

In case of force majeure, you will receive a refund with a 10% deduction for administrative cost.

How to get a transportation to my accommodation from the airport?

It is best to book a taxi in advance, but depending on where you are going. Our team will assist you in arranging transport and accommodation if needed.

How to pay my expenses once in Lebanon (can I use my credit card)?

You cannot use an international credit card while you are on the trail. You need to have cash with you.

Can I withdraw money from an ATM?

You cannot withdraw cash with an international credit or debit card from an ATM in Lebanon due to the monetary situation. You should bring cash along.

Are there public transportations I can use during my stay?

Public transportation networks in Lebanon are not of high quality. It would be preferable to either rent a car, or go around in taxis.

Can we get by on our own for a few days after the hike if we can't speak the local language?

People generally speak English and/or French in addition to Arabic, especially at accommodation / lodging outlets and other tourism facilities. It is however always preferable to be accompanied, given the current situation. You could for example be charged higher than the normal price if you are identified as a tourist.

Can we hike the trail outside the Spring Hikes times?

Of course, you can hike the trail any time of the year. Please refer to the guesthouses and local guides listed on the LMTA’s website www.lebanontrail.org

On what basis should I make the decision to come in the Spring or in the Fall?

Nature is very different in Spring. The days get longer, the weather gets warmer and Springs beauty comes to life on the LMT.

Can the LMTA recommend tour organizers/operators?

Liban Trek: www.libantrek.com

33 North: www.33-north.com 

Lebanese Adventure: www.lebanese-adventure.com

Ibex: www.ibex-ecotours.com 

Are kids allowed?

No kids are allowed. Hikers must be 18 years old and above.

Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed.

How do i get my 10% discount if I'm an active member?

The discount is available only for active members. If you're an active member, please inform us and we'll provide you with a promo code.

What is the pace of the hike?

The hike is a group experience and the speed might differ from one hiker to another. Participants should respect and follow the pace set by the leader.